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Day 40: Moving forward to the “How”

Now that we have a solid understanding of both where you are (Point A) and where you want to be (Point B), we will move forward to determining How you can get from Point A to Point B. What are the things you have to prepare for before even saving up for your goals? How can you [...]

Day 39: Wrapping up your Point B

At this point, we've already covered Point B or Where you want to be in your financial journey. How did you feel when you were taking on new, positive money thoughts and setting your own financial goals? Was it a thrill? Was it exciting to finally be able to set financial goals for yourself? Point [...]

Day 38: Exercise #6 – Set all your other financial goals!

So far, you've set goals for your dream house, future car, dream business, children's education, and financial freedom. Do you still have other major financial goals in mind? Perhaps a vacation home? How about a multi-storey apartment complex? Does a month-long vacation in Europe cross your mind? Or a cruise around the world? Whatever your [...]

Day 33: Exercise #1 – Set your financial goal for your dream home

By now, you know already the criteria for setting the right financial goals for yourself. We hope you take these S.M.A.R.T. criteria to heart because this is how successful and goal-oriented people reach their goals! However, we understand if the 3-Step Goal Setting Process still might seem a bit confusing for you, especially if you do not [...]

Day 31: Money Skills – Your Financial Goals

As we had mentioned in our earlier articles, our discussion of your Point B (where you want to be) covers two (2) areas: your Money Mindset and your Money Skills. And now that you have discovered the right, positive money thoughts in your Point B's Money Mindset, we now shift our attention to the Money Skills you must have [...]

Day 30: Write — and re-write — your money story

Our lives have frequently been compared to books. Every big life moment is a new chapter; as we move from one life moment to another, we close an old chapter and open a new one. We're frequently told that we're the authors of our own lives. And though we can't change what has been written before, it doesn't have to [...]

Day 29: Positive Thought #9 – Money can buy me happiness!

In our last article, we admitted that having more money does not mean having more problems; rather, it means having more ways to solve problems! More importantly, we can also solve problems faster if we have already have the money to pay for the solution. This immediately solves the problem and prevents it from getting worse! This is most helpful [...]