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Day 28: Positive Thought #8 – “Mo money, mo ways to solve problems!”

In our last article, we committed to learning how to invest. This enables us to NOT ONLY avoid scams and bad investment decisions, BUT ALSO take full advantage of the benefits of investing! Wouldn't it be awesome to do both of these? We won't get duped into investment scams like Aman Futures and Legacy AND on top of that, [...]

Day 27: Positive Thought #7 – I will learn how to invest!

In our last article, we accepted the fact that investing money will make us gain more money, helping us reach our financial goals faster. Investing has been defined as the key to building wealth. If you need examples to remind you of this, remember that: One of the the world's richest men, Warren Buffett, made his billions of dollars [...]

Day 26: Positive Thought #6 – I will invest money to make more money!

In our last article, you said it out loud: "I will be rich!" It's about time, right? We've spend lots of hours learning, unlearning, and re-learning our Money Mindset and Money Skills. It's about time that you proudly say, "I will be rich!" And we believe this with utmost sincerity. If so many other people who were worse off [...]

Day 25: Positive Thought #5 – I will be rich!

In our last article, we committed to continuously increasing our means. This is because no matter how simply we lead our lives, life will always become more and more complicated. And the best way to counter life's complications is to have enough money to pay for them! We must always be ready for complications, emergencies, and [...]

Day 24: Positive Thought #4 – I will continuously increase my means!

In our last article, we accepted the fact that providing a higher level of value to people will result in us getting a higher level of money. So to be come wealthy, we committed to providing a high level of value! We can do this by solving the toughest of problems that people experience, and not [...]

Day 23: Positive Thought #3 – I will provide high value!

In our last article, we accepted the fact that, just like America's everyday millionaires, there is NO need for you or anyone else to break the law to become wealthy. And if they can do it, so can you! You can and WILL be wealthy without having to lie, cheat, and steal! When your mind accepts this, [...]

Day 22: Positive Thought #2 – I will be wealthy without having to lie, cheat, and steal!

In our last article, we accepted that money is a powerful tool and embraced the positive thought that we will use it for good. This way, we can be living proof that money is the root of a lot of good -- and not evil -- in our lives! More importantly, let's not forget that the more [...]

Day 21: Positive Thought #1 – Money is a powerful tool. I will use it for good!

In our last article, we made a commitment to determine our Point B -- where we want to be. Once again, we'll do so from the perspective of both our Money Mindset and Money Skills so we can directly compare our Point A with our Point B. And just like in Point A, we'll start with [...]

Day 20: Your Point B – Where you want to be

While in Point A, we helped you find out where exactly you are now (from the perspective of both your Money Mindset and Money Skills), here in the Point B section of Money University, we'll help you determine where you want to be. How do you translate your dreams into concrete and actionable financial goals? What's the real [...]

Day 30 : Excellence is not an act, but a HABIT

Sorry, you cannot access this content as it is exclusively for active Money University 30-day Freedom Action Program students only. If you haven't enrolled yet or your 30-day Freedom Action Program subscription has expired, please enroll in the Freedom Action Program now to access our easiest, 30-day financial freedom program. You'll also get ALL Freedom Bonuses below -- worth [...]