Sa 2nd C of financially free Pinoys, nalaman natin na kaya hindi makakamit ng financial freedom ang maraming mga Pilipino ay dahil negatibo ang kanilang Money Mindset.

This is crucial because, as we’ve learned in the 2nd C, our Money Mindset influences our financial condition. After all, our Thoughts and Beliefs (which make up our Money Mindset) lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions, and Actions lead to Results.

3.5 - Thoughts Feelings Actions Results

Even Female Network agrees as they also shared in an article some negative money beliefs that most people have in their Money Mindsets. Below, we filter their list and share the Top 3 money beliefs that make the majority of people poor. Their number 1 is even the same as the negative thought we shared with you in the 2nd C!

At higit pa dito, ipapakita namin sa iyo ang Smart Money Tips na makakapigil sa negative money beliefs na ito!

1. “Money is evil.”

3 - Money is evil

We’re all too familiar with the old cliché, “Money is the root of all evil.” How many times have we seen films and telenovelas where the rich people are the villains and the millionaires always meet their doom?

People often think that wealth is a hindrance to spirituality, and that wanting money automatically makes a person greedy. But money is not inherently good or evil.

Money is just a tool, a means to an end.  It can be used for good purposes or for criminal intents.

If you think about it, charities and syndicates both have money but the former helps the needy, and the latter victimizes innocent people. It’s how you use the money that counts.


2. “Money can’t buy happiness.”

3 - Money can’t buy happiness

It’s true that you can’t go to a store with a wad of bills and ask for happiness.

But money can get you all sorts of things and experiences that lead to happiness. Money can fund a hobby that you care about; it can buy your favorite stuff; it can help you chase your passions and live your dreams.

Money enables you to satisfy your most pressing needs and your deepest wants, and this ultimately leads to a better, happier life.


3. “My kids will take care of me when I’m old.”

3 - My kids will take care of me when I’m old

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but kids are not an insurance plan. They have their own lives to live and their own bills to pay, so you shouldn’t rely on them to cover your expenses when you reach old age.

Planning for retirement is a crucial part of financial independence. Cover your bases as early as now and start putting money into your retirement fund. Your golden years will pass by more smoothly if you’ve adequately planned and saved up for it.


Source: Female Network

Lessons learned

Anong Smart Money Tips ang matututunan natin from this article?

1. The first step to change your financial condition is to change your Money Mindset.


Because Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions, and Actions lead to Results, you can tell that the most effective way to change your results is to first change your thoughts!

This is the reason why Female Network and a host of other resources help us focus not just on our actions, but also on our money thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts serve as the foundation that influence our feelings, actions, and eventually results. Negative thoughts lead to negative results!

Kaya kung naniniwala ka na money is evil, edi siyempre, hindi mo papadamihin ang pera mo. If you believe that money can’t buy happiness, then you’ll see no worth in money. And if you believe that your kids will take care of you when you’re old anyway, then you won’t make any effort to save money for your retirement.

What will these beliefs do to your financial results? They’ll make you poor.

3 - Money Mindset

This is why the first step you have to take to change your financial condition is to change the negative money THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and BELIEFS that have been holding back your money RESULTS!

So how do you do this?


2. To change your Money Mindset, remember: Practice makes permanent.


Practice does not make perfect.

Bakit? Kasi if you keep practicing the wrong things, then there’s no way that you’ll ever be perfect!

Therefore, instead of “perfect”, we argue that practice makes permanent.

This is the reason why negative money thoughts and beliefs, which you inherited from society and therefore have been unconsciously practicing for all your life, have become permanent fixtures in your Money Mindset and negative money results.

But if, from this point on, you practice different money thoughts and beliefs, then you can certainly adopt a new and positive Money Mindset permanently! Malaki ang matutulong nito sa pagpapaganda ng iyong financial state.

So let’s practice new and positive money thoughts! To do this, we share with you Money University’s very simple but reliable action steps that can help remove the Top 3 negative money thoughts above.

For the first negative money thoughts (“Money is evil”), read the line below three (3) times to yourself, then start memorizing it.

“Money is just a tool; it all depends on how I use it.”

For the second negative money thoughts (“Money can’t buy happiness”), read the line below three (3) times to yourself, then start memorizing it.

“Not having money can’t buy happiness either. At least money can buy me necessities!”

For the third negative money thoughts (“My kids will take care of me when I’m old”), read the line below three (3) times to yourself, then start memorizing it.

“I will plan to take care of myself when I’m old so my kids can focus on taking care of their own families.”

Every time you catch yourself thinking that money is evil, money can’t buy happiness, or your kids will take care of you when you’re old, condition your mind to stop accepting these negative money thoughts any further by reminding yourself of the lines above.

Sa madaling salita, i-recite mo ang mga positive money thoughts na ito tuwing pumapasok sa isip mo ang 3 negative thoughts na tinalakay natin sa taas! Sa ganitong paraan, unti-unti nating mapapalayas ang negative money thoughts sa iyong isipan.

Take note: negative money thoughts distract your feelings and derail you from doing the correct action!

So if you want to achieve the ideal RESULTS of financial freedom and happiness, you must take proper ACTION. The best action is to acquire positive money THOUGHTS and FEELINGS by practicing them until they become permanent!


What other negative money thoughts and beliefs do you know? At ano pang Smart Money Tips ang natutunan mo? Share them in the comments section below!


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What other negative money thoughts and beliefs do you know? At ano pang Smart Money Tips ang natutunan mo?

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