Now that we have a solid understanding of both where you are (Point A) and where you want to be (Point B), we will move forward to determining How you can get from Point A to Point B.

What are the things you have to prepare for before even saving up for your goals?

24b - Set aside moneyHow can you determine how much money you have to set aside every month or every year to reach your goals?

What if you see that the amount of money you have to set aside every month is too high?

How can you accelerate your pace and reach your goals sooner?

All these will be answered in the “How” portion of Money University.

At this point, we’re sure that you’re raring to start learning again! We’d love nothing more than for you to continue your journey towards getting to your Point B and reaching your financial goals.

We’re as eager to see you succeed as you are, so go on over to the next article to get started now!