In our last article, we admitted that having more money does not mean having more problems; rather, it means having more ways to solve problems!

More importantly, we can also solve problems faster if we have already have the money to pay for the solution. This immediately solves the problem and prevents it from getting worse!

This is most helpful for any illnesses we may be experiencing. Can you imagine a medical condition getting worse just because you feared that you didn’t have the money to go to the hospital? Yikes!

And it’s the same for any leaks in your car, repairs in your house, and a host of other problems. Having more money gives us the power to solve problems faster and prevents them from getting worse!

Moving forward, we’ll embrace the next positive thought about money, and that is: “Money can buy me happiness!”

This positive thought contradicts the negative thought: “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

By embracing this positive thought, we’ll be able to improve our feelings. These improved feelings towards money will help us take proactive and positive action that will make us rich and happy!

Ready to bury your old, negative money thought and embrace this new, positive one? Let’s start!



Positive Thought #9: Money can buy me happiness!

This replaces the negative thought: “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

As we had discussed in Point A’s Negative Thought #9, it makes no sense to argue that money can’t buy you happiness — because having no money can’t buy you happiness either!

Moreover, at least money can buy you necessities! This includes food, shelter, and education.

Can having no money buy you these? Obviously not!

Despite this fact, a lot of people still struggle with money supposedly not being able to buy them happiness. Happiness, after all, is the ultimate goal, right?

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.

At the end of the day, at the end of this year, and at the end of our lives, we just want to be able to tell ourselves that we lived happily.

It would be such a painful regret not to be able to tell ourselves that!

This is why they still can’t fully accept accumulating something that they’ve thought for all their lives is evil and will not bring them happiness.

In the previous articles, we’ve already refuted the false notion that money is evil.

However, can money really NOT buy you happiness?


How can you strengthen your positive thoughts further? If you need further convincing, then get this: Research has shown that money CAN actually buy you happiness!

16c - HarvardThat’s according to Dan Gilbert, Harvard University psychology professor and author of the book, “Stumbling on Happiness.”

How exactly?

Primarily, it is to buy moments, not stuff. As reported by TIME Magazine:

“…the key is to spend your money on experiences rather than material things. Material things, even if they’re expensive or you wanted them badly, tend to lose their luster after a while, literally and figuratively.

“Memories of people, places and activities, however, never get old. In a survey, Gilbert found that 57% of respondents reported GREATER happiness from an experiential purchase. Only 34% said the same about a material purchase.”

Perhaps that’s why we remember almost, if not all of the nice vacations and great times we spent with family and friends! That’s not the case with all your material things, right?

Aside from buying moments and not stuff, there are other ways that money can buy you happiness. As TIME Magazine also pointed out:

1.   Spend on others.

Though you might think that spending money on yourself gives you greater happiness, further studies from Harvard University actually show that spending money on others actually gives greater happiness!

After instructing half of an experiment’s participants to spend the money on themselves (“personal spending”) and the other half to spend the money on someone else (“prosocial spending”), researchers found out that those who had performed prosocial spending reported feeling happier mood over the course of the day than those who had performed personal spending.

Interestingly, the amount of money they got had no bearing on their happiness!

This is probably the same feeling that loving parents get when they provide for their family. They pull out all the stops and might even take out unreasonable loans just to be able to feed their family, provide a nice home, and give their kids a great education.

No matter how hard it is, they do it because they need to and it makes them happy!


2.   Buy small splurges.

Dropping a ton of cash on something extravagant apparently doesn’t give you the same value of happiness because, no matter how special it is at first, you get used to having it over time and it becomes just another object.

Instead of saving up and buying one expensive item, a Business Insider article cites Gilbert’s research to suggest that: “Giving yourself inexpensive indulgences is a clever way to gather up lots of bursts of happiness.”


3.   Spend with others.

You might think spending money on things or activities you do by yourself will make you happy, but a recent study in Psychological Science says that tactic can backfire.

“To be extraordinary is to be different than other people, and social interaction is grounded in similarities,” says Gus Cooney, Harvard University research assistant and lead author of the study.

Doing things with friends or family, even if it’s not as exciting, makes you happy because it fosters a sense of togetherness and connection between you and other people.

16c - Spend with others

“The guy who had the extraordinary experience had a harder time fitting in,” Cooney tells The Atlantic.


Imagine that.

If you spend it right, money can buy you happiness!

Perhaps it’s time that we left the idea that “money can’t buy you happiness” for good. And it’s not just because money can still you buy you so many other things that you need, happiness or not. We can now go further than this!

From last time’s thought that: “Not having money can’t buy me happiness either. At least money can buy me necessities!”

Take it further by thinking: “Money can buy me happiness!”


How can this thought help push you forward? If you truly believe that money — if spent right — can buy you happiness, then you would’ve removed probably the biggest psychological barrier that most people have with accumulating money!

Finally, money can now buy you happiness!

Photo courtesy of Moven.

Photo courtesy of Moven.

And if — at the end of the day, at the end of the year, and at the end of your life — happiness is your ultimate goal, then you can now achieve it with the help of money!

Now, it becomes clearer than ever to your mind. If you rightfully think that money can buy you happiness, then you won’t have negative feelings towards money. In fact, you will actually develop positive feelings towards money because it will help you achieve your ultimate goal of happiness. This will now help you act towards gaining more money and thus, you will gain great financial results!

And isn’t this the best winning combination of all?

You can achieve your financial goals AND feel happy about it!

No what-ifs. No regrets. No hesitations.

By believing that money can buy you happiness, achieving your financial goals, and spending your money in the ways listed above, you can experience not just one of these — but ALL of these:

  • Lead a rich life. Not just comfortable one, mind you!
  • Spend on others by providing for all the needs of your family.
  • Buy A LOT of experiences and memorable moments with your family and friends.
  • Be happy!

Isn’t that more than you can ever ask for?


Action: Embrace this positive thought into your Money Mindset

Start embracing this positive thought and you’re on your way to improving your feelings, actions, and results!

How do you embrace this positive thought? Try reading the line below three times to yourself then start memorizing it.

“Money can actually buy me happiness!”

And every time you still catch yourself thinking that money can’t buy you happiness:

  1. Stop yourself from accepting that thought any further. It’s bad for your feelings, actions, and results!
  2. Then remove it from your Money Mindset by thinking: “Not having money can’t buy me happiness either. At least money can buy me necessities!”
  3. [ADDITIONAL STEP] And replace it with: “Money can actually buy me happiness!”


After reading this article and embracing the positive thought that having more money will give you more ways to solve problems, how do you feel?

Isn’t it energizing to finally see money in a positive light? Especially since it can buy you happiness now!

And with this improved perspective on money, you are on the fast-track to burying your old, negative money thoughts! Soon enough, all your new, positive money thoughts will improve your feelings, actions, and results.

And to make all of these positive thoughts stay in your mind, we encourage you to re-write your money story.

How do you do that? Check out our next article now to find out!